Holy Cross Hospice, eMoyeni

The Holy Cross Hospice in eMoyeni is not a project through Children of Zululand, but a project we try to help with donations, blankets and other things they need, when we can.

Holy Cross eMoyeni Hospice was started by a nun, sister Priscilla Dlamini. She had all the guts and spirit and dedication that you really depend on to be able to create such impact and to build such an institution, that she did. eMoyeni consists of bedrooms for single mothers especially, where they can stay with their children. They run their own kinder garden and they have their own nursing home for mothers and children being sich with aids. They have a small hexagon shaped house in the middle of the area, a house that works as a memorial place or a chapel. Inside this chapel, with windows on all walls they have a "tree". Every time somebody dies inside the hospice, the staff will hang their name tag on the tree. They call this tree "Tree of hope".

Most of the adults living here are working, as long as their health condition allows it. Some work outside of the hospice and some work inside. The hospice have their own bus and they go on day travels.

Sister Priscillas work was so successful that her superior at the convict ordered her to return to the convict. The convict took over the running of the hospice in eMoyeni, but after short time they found out that this project did not run by itself and all the cooperations and donations were given because of Patricias work, effort, dedication and personality - in other words; they saw that this was sister Priscillas project and that the project depended on her. She was "released" to return to her eMoyeni project, which she did.

If you wish to donate to Holy Cross Hospice at eMoyeni and sister Priscillas huge work for the HIV infected and aids sick, please attend your donation to "Holy Cross" and we will make sure your donation will be handed over to the hospice.

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