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Children of Zululand


NOK 1200,- / month

  • Enough to give 4 children a hot meal every day
  • You can chose boys or girls
  • You can chose which age group you prefer


NOK 2000,- / month

  • Enough for food daily and individual necessities x 4
  • NOK 100 each child will be saved for education
  • Follow your children on your personal log-on page


NOK 3000,- / month

  • Enough for daily food and some clothes x 4
  • NOK 100 each child will be saved for education
  • You will be able to visit your children on our travels


NOK 4000,- / month

  • Enough for food for a child with family x 4
  • NOK 100 will be saved for each child's education
  • You can send extra or gifts through our web-shop

    The Children of Zululand Foundation has its background from the west coast of Norway. The contrast from the west coasts fjords and mountains and South Africa's oceans and fields, is huge! As much as the contrast between wealth and poverty!


    The children are the future of the world, no matter where they were born. Education is a main key. We support and open doors for education, from kinder- gartens, through primary school and high school untill university. Join us!

    We always tell our youth in Zululand: Study hard - Be somebody!

  • Safari

    Safari as part of our trips will always be a highlight for most delegates, when going to Zululand. Regardless; what will stick with you forever after joining in on our trips are the meetings and interactions with the children. A memory that will stay with you for the rest of your life.