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All children deserve a hero, somebody to look up to, who cares.

Some adult who will not let them down and who always gives them a second chance.

Who understands the value of relations and who insists to see the child grow up and become the best he or she can be.

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Khula Sizwe Orphanage
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All children deserve a hero

Donations start from $20 USD (NOK 200). You decide wether it's a single donation or a monthly donation. Payment by creditcard, Vipps or directly to our bank account.

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The fantastic wildlife of South Africa

One of the big attractions by joining in on our trips to South Africa and Zululand, except for the amazing meeting with the children, is the meeting with Africa's wildlife and "The Big Five" - the rhino, the elephant, the lion, the cheetah and the buffalo. The hippo is also a great adventure to get to see up close. Sign up for one of our trips today.

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    The Children of Zululand Foundation has its background from the west coast of Norway. The contrast from the west coasts fjords and mountains and South Africa's oceans and fields, is huge! As much as the contrast between wealth and poverty!


    The children are the future of the world, no matter where they were born. Education is a main key. We support and open doors for education, from kinder- gartens, through primary school and high school untill university. Join us!

    We always tell our youth in Zululand: Study hard - Be somebody!

  • Safari

    Safari as part of our trips will always be a highlight for most delegates, when going to Zululand. Regardless; what will stick with you forever after joining in on our trips are the meetings and interactions with the children. A memory that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Even the smallest help has great value!

Regardless of how you help; donation, sponsoring a child or a family, fundraising, voluntary work, build a house, pay for a school uniform, join in on our trips or create your own activity for the purpose of helping or funding Children of Zululand - THANK YOU!

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New or second-hand clothes, baby knit-work, toys, etc can be sent to Children of Zululand, Postboks 77, N-5731 Ulvik, Norway.

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What does Children of Zululand’s work mean to the area? An interview with Linda de Lange

Linda is the general manager for Zululand Home for the Aged, and a long term partner and manager of Children of Zululand's South Africa office. We had a chat with her about the work she does for the community, and what Children of Zululand’s work means to the area, an area where she herself grew up and lived most of her life.

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In loving memory of cebolenkosi - a true story about a young childs destiny

Elizabeth sent us a letter: "Please, one of my neighbours is an elderly lady and her multi disabled grand son, age 11 - can you help them? They live in a one-room stone shack with no door or window, no water and no electricity. The boys name is Cebolenkosi and he was born with multiple sclerosis and needs to help with everything. He can hardly sit, he can't stand or walk, he can't talk and he needs to be fed. He is tied to the bed 24/7. Can you build a house for Cebolenkosi? He won't stand much of a chance for a long life, but he really needs help to get some decent remaining years.

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Take time to read our stories

Interviews, storis and testimonials from our work with the Children of Zululand.

Do you have a story you want to share? Maybe from taking part in one of our Safari and adventure travels, or as a child sponsor, a donor or any other relation to the Children of Zululand. Please send your story, with photos to Children of Zululand, Postboks 77, 5730 Ulvik, Norway.

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