New house projects - Funding needed

One of our major activities will always be to build individual houses in the rural areas, for orphan children and their siblings, for disabled or for small families with major challenges.

To build a house in the rural areas of Zululand is not a very high cost, but to be able to build, we depend on donations. A house will cost from NOK 50-100.000. They are made simple: 4 walls and a roof, a couple of bed rooms and a living room + a shower-room. With windows and with doors and with electricity. If possible, with water supply/shower installed.

For those we build for, it will still be a huge difference in living condition. Those we have built for have lived in really bad conditions. Sometimes all they have is a couple of corrugated iron plates on top of some wooden poles, sometimes constructed up against a mountain side. No doors, no windows, one room. No furnitures, not even a bed to sleep on, but maybe a stack of blankets on the dirt ground. This is a fact.

All donations to build individual homes are very welcome. We make a budget for each house we build, including some furnitures, electricity and most of the times water supply. Utensils, interior items, blankets, bed linnen, etc are donated separately. If possible, we provide with fridge and stove.

The photo gallery on this page is mainly to show you some of the houses we replace. These houses are among the better ones in our projects. Some people don't have a house at all, not even a shed. The first photos shows newer houses and second hand interior. Even if it looks cheap and old, it is still a huge advantage for the families to get something.

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