King Dinuzulu Creche

King Dinuzulu is an area in Eshowe and King Dinuzulu Creche (kinder garden) is located in this part. The creche is run inside an old brick building, with just one big room and a smaller side room. There is no outdoors area. The floor is concrete.

A few years back, this creche was in big need of almost everything. Today, this creche has a better situation and they have all that they need in regards of tables and chairs, school supply, etc. From time to time they have run their own food project, but this also represents a risk related to poor and hungry adults showing up to get a meal. The main reason why King Dinuzulu Creche manage better in the last years is because they are located very close to town and is easy to reach for any visitor or organization to visit. The rural areas don't have as many visits and consequently they get less help and less donations.

Children of Zululand have helped King Dinuzulu creche for many years, but we have now put a lower priority to King Dinuzulu, simply because we see that they manage better, they have what they need and other areas and creches are in much greater need. Earlier we have provided them with chairs and tables, food, blankets, matrasses for the baby to sleep on (they slept on the concrete floor), baby sleepers, school supply, toys and other things + back-packs, t-shirts, etc for the children.

We will follow up on King Dinuzulu from time to time, to make sure they manage. If nothing else, we will always bring some sweets for the children and some supply for the creche when we pay them a visit.

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