Food programs

From time to time we have food programs, especially related to schools and/or kinder gardens. Some of the food programs are initiated by the local authorities, others by Children of Zululand or other organizations.

Our contribution to the ongoing food programs are financial support or food donations. We have also had our own food program, where we have hired somebody to cook in a school or kinder garden for a period of time, to help provide at least one meal per day for the children. This has been relevant in areas where the families are very poor and/or the children live far away and walk for a very long time back and forth to get to school.

We have had a close relation with Zululand Home for Aged (ZHA) in Eshowe and it's management for years and through this relation we have distributed both food and clothes and other donations to families, schools, kinder gardens, etc. ZHA manager, Linda de Lange is our main connection in South Africa and she helps us with more or less everything and anything, locally. As a nurse by profession, she is also such an important person for us in regards of the children we help that have medical issues.

For some of the children living far away from the school, we have also provided bicycles in cooperation with Rotary Club of Empangeni.

To run a food program over time we are depending on financial support through specific donations. Please feel free to donate to our food programs or to start a new food program at the many schools and kinder gardens that doesn't have such.

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