The fantastic wildlife of South Africa

The wildlife of South Africa is spectacular and is beyond anything in your imagination. Most of us grew up with fantastic documentaries of wildlife in different parts of the world and we have "seen it all". But setting wildlife on television or movie and seeing wildlife live - there is no real comparison.

When it comes to african wildlife, the Big 5 is well known. The Big 5 consists of buffalo, rhino, elephant, lion and leopard. These animals are also the high-lights on our safari trips, together with giraffe, hippo, zebra, cheetah, hiena, crocodile, antilopes and many more. Some are hard to locate when on a drive-through safari, but in the area where we travel you will find dedicated cheetah farms, lion parks and snake & croc farms, as well as butterfly parks and bird parks. We also visit St Lucia, a city where you normally will experience hippos walking the streets at night - a once in a life-time experience. Be aware though, hippo kills more people every year than any other animal in Africa, so keep a safe distance.

Our safari- and adventure trips to Zululand also include a boat safari around St Lucia and iSimangalisa where you will see hippos and crocodiles in the water. You will also see lots of birds, sometimes even falcons and eagles. Lizzards are also common to sea.

The adrenaline and the amazing feeling of seeing these animals live, right outside the car you drive in or just "there" in the open field or behind a bush or a tree - there is nothing like it. We highly recommend our safari and adventure trips. We promiss you an experience and a memory that will last for a life-time.

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